Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I attend traffic school?
  2. What’s a COMEDY traffic school course?
  3. Is this course approved?
  4. How do I know if I’m eligible to attend traffic school?
  5. Is your course difficult to complete?
  6. What is a “Personal Identity Validation question?”
  7. How do I register for the course?
  8. How much does the program cost?
  9. How do I pay for the course?
  10. How long does it take to complete the course?
  11. Will I be tested on the material?
  12. What happens if I fail the final exam?
  13. How does the DMV know that I completed your course?
  14. Do I get a Completion Certificate for my records?
  1. Why should I attend traffic school?back to top
  2. By attending a traffic violator school (TVS) you will mask a conviction on your driving record. Points visible on your record can result in higher insurance premiums, future license suspensions, and the loss of certain driving related jobs. In the meantime, you might just learn something that will make you a safer driver—and perhaps even save your life!

  3. What’s a comedy traffic school course? back to top
  4. Education experts will fuss a lot about using humor to “hold students’ attention” and “facilitate information retention.” But, let’s face it, you’re really on our site because you want to have a GREAT time while you attend traffic school. We’ll keep you entertained, and the time will fly by as our hilarious course has you laughing while you learn. We know that you could take any old traffic safety course; but you want the one that you can “cruise” through, not one that “drives” you crazy!

  5. Is this course approved?back to top
  6. Yes, this traffic violator school (TVS) program has been officially licensed by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles for use statewide.

  7. How do I know if I’m eligible to attend traffic school?back to top
  8. When you receive information regarding your traffic citation in the mail, the paperwork will indicate your option to attend traffic school. If this option is listed (or if you know you haven’t attended in the last 18 months), simply pay the court’s administrative fee and you can get started right away. You may not attend traffic school to mask a point if: you attended traffic school within the previous 18 months, if the conviction was for a major (2-point) violation, or if you hold a commercial driver license and were operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the violation. (For commercial licensees, the record of a conviction for such offenses would not be held confidential, and would be disclosed to employers and to insurers for the purposes of insurance underwriting and rating; however, the conviction would not count as a point for determining whether a driver is considered a “negligent operator.”)

  9. Is your course difficult to complete?back to top
  10. We promise you’ll love the ease and simplicity of our program! Our easy-to-read Internet course is entertaining, informative,
    and loaded with colorful graphics, video clips, and interactive activities. And we fill the course with hilarious traffic jokes to make the experience
    more enjoyable. We want you to laugh while you learn!

  11. What is a “Personal Identity Validation question?” back to top
  12. “Personal Identity Validation questions” are used to help fulfill the DMV requirement that the person completing a traffic
    school course is the driver who was issued the citation. During the registration process, you will be asked to answer a set of questions, and those answers will be stored in our database. You will be asked these questions again periodically as you proceed through the course, and you will not be allowed to proceed with the course until you can answer the questions in the same way that you did at registration.

    If you have a problem during Personal Identity Validation, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

  13. How do I register for the course?back to top
  14. It’s fast and simple! To register online, just complete all of the appropriate fields and you can get started immediately!

  15. How much does the program cost?back to top
  16. Unfortunately, there is a small cost to take traffic school. Tuition covers all elements of the course, including immediate access to the website, the regular processing of your completion, and electronic reporting to the DMV. There are no additional costs or surcharges. Traffic schools are privately operated businesses; whether you sit in a classroom or choose an online or other home study program, you will need to pay a similar fee. The difference is, our course is low-cost, convenient, and fun—and we have the friendliest service and support in the industry to boot!

    The cost of the Internet course is $34.95.

    The cost of the Booklet course is $34.95.

  17. How do I pay for the course?back to top
  18. You pay for the course directly on the site. We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express)or other debit card options. After you fill out the registration form, you are linked to a secure page where payment is quick and effortless. The site is encrypted, making your online purchases completely safe.

  19. How long does it take to complete the course?back to top
  20. The DMV requires online traffic school courses to contain at least 42,500 words, and the course is designed to be equivalent
    to classroom courses that take 340 minutes (not including the final exam) to complete. However, an online course offers you the convenience of not having
    to complete the course in one sitting. The computer tracks your completed chapters as you proceed through the program. If you log out and then sign
    back in, you’ll be taken to our “Student Center” (table of contents) page. There you’ll be able to continue with the course right where you left off.
    You’ll even be able to access completed chapters for review.

  21. Will I be tested on the material? back to top
  22. Yes, at the end of the program you must pass a DMV-required 25-question final exam. You must correctly answer at least 70% of the final exam questions in order to successfully complete the course.

  23. What happens if I fail the final exam?back to top
  24. If you fail the final exam on your first attempt,you will have the opportunity to retake it. After two failed attempts, your
    account will be disqualified and you may take another traffic violator school course, if court continuance time allows. This procedure has been established by regulations of the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

    But don’t worry. Our informative course is straightforward and fun. And
    from the “Student Center,” you’ll have access to completed chapters so you can review. Plus, the final exam is “open-book,” so you can look back through
    the material if your noggin needs a quick refresh. If you should happen to find yourself in this situation, however, simply call our customer service
    team and we’ll reset you so you can get rolling right away.

  25. How does the DMV know that I completed your course?back to top
  26. Upon successful completion of the course (including passing the final exam), we will electronically report your completion directly to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  27. Do I get a Completion Certificate for my records?back to top
  28. Traffic schools officially report completions directly to the DMV, but you will receive a “completion receipt” for your records. Students completing an Internet-based program will receive an electronic completion receipt via email. Booklet students will be mailed a “completion receipt” directly from our office to you (in the event that you do not have an e-mail address); normally this process can take anywhere from 5 – 10 business days, but we do offer expedited shipping options.You may also order a duplicate copy of your receipt. If you ever have a question about your completion,just contact customer service—we’re here to help!